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Eight Keto-Friendly Foods To Keep You On Track While You’re On The Move

Cheese & Jerky Omelette


How’s your keto programme going?  Struggling to find suitable snacks?

It’s much easier to stick to this popular low-carb, high fat eating plan when you’re at home and have all the right foods (and a fridge), but things get a bit more challenging when you’re out and about and need something keto-friendly to munch on.

No worries!  We’ve got this.  Read on to discover a world of delicious and healthy snacks which you can take with you anywhere and everywhere and which won’t put the kibosh on your keto.

But first, let’s take a brief look at what the keto diet is all about.

What is the keto diet?

The keto diet is all about forcing your body to change its primary source of energy from the traditional glucose (derived from the intake of carbohydrates such as fruit, grains, vegetables and legumes) to nutritional ketones which are produced by the liver. 

The main objective of a keto diet is to restrict carbs to around 5% of daily calories, limit protein intake to around 20% and increase dietary fats to 75%.   This forces the body into a metabolic process called ketosis whereby the liver produces ketones by breaking down stored fat.  These ketones are then used as the body’s primary source of energy instead of carbohydrates.

This way of eating has been around for a long time and some say it has significant health benefits including weight loss, weight management and improved cognition.  However, it’s always best to get a balanced view before making any lifestyle changes, so check out this article on what you should know before you go Keto.

Now onto the tasty stuff! Below are some great ideas for keto-friendly foods that you can take anywhere, anytime.

Eight tasty keto-friendly convenience snacks

Beef jerky   

Look no further than flavourful beef jerky for an easy, fuss-free keto snack.  These thin strips of dried meat contain plenty of protein but are low in carbs, so they’re ideal if you’re trying to stay in ketosis.  They also don’t need refrigeration which makes them fantastic on-the-go munchables.  Choose from a wide range of flavours such as spicy jerky, smoky jerky and mango chilli jerky – and if you’re after an extra hit of dietary fat for your keto plan, why not try the creamy yumminess of our famous DJays Gourmet’s marbled jerky

Beef biltong

Beef biltong is another protein-forward convenience food that is ideal for snacking anywhere, anytime.  No mess, no fuss – just tasty low-carb goodness to support a keto lifestyle.  It’s made from lean cuts of beef which are marinated in different blends of salt and spices before being air-dried naturally and then cut into chunks or slices.  And if you’re looking to boost your fat intake, you can always opt for biltong which still has its outside layer of fat.

Hard boiled eggs

Given that a large egg contains around 6g of protein, 5g of fat and 0.4g of carbs, it’s easy to see why they’re such a standout snack for keto followers.  A hard-boiled egg is rich in nutrients and will last for up to a week in the fridge so it’s a great choice for tasty and healthy convenience.


Go nuts for high fat, high protein snacking but remember to make the right choices!  Some nuts have a much higher carb content than others, so reach for macadamias, pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts and brazil nuts, go easy on the almonds and stay away from cashews and pistachios.  Interestingly, pecans have the least amount of carbs of all nuts whilst walnuts are a great brain-boosting keto choice.


The crunchy goodness and easy convenience of shelled pumpkin seeds, sunflower kernels, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds and sesame seeds make them a great choice for on-the-go keto snacks.  Say goodbye to carb and sugar-laden goodies and say hello to these to these nutritional powerhouses that help you kick your keto goals.  


Cheese is often referred to as the perfect keto food, but remember, not all cheeses are equal and it definitely can’t be eaten in unlimited quantities!  Some of the good cheeses for on-the-go snacking include cream cheese, goat’s cheese, blue cheese and parmesan cheese (which is a favourite portable snack as it’s a hard cheese which can be broken or cut into mess-free chunks), while ricotta and cottage cheese have a higher carb content so they should be enjoyed in moderation.


Now this is a surprise!  You often hear people say that you can’t eat fruit when on a keto diet, but everyone needs some fresh and natural sweetness every now and then.  You won’t derail your eating plan with a few cranberries, cherries, strawberries, blackberries or raspberries, a small serving of watermelon or a couple of slices of a juicy peach or plum.  However, fruits do contain natural sugars that can add to your carbohydrate intake, so you just need to careful about the type of fruit and the amount of fruit you eat to make sure you stay on track.


Whilst an avocado is actually a fruit, most of us think of it as a savoury food.  Packed with healthy fats, avos are awesome keto powerhouses and because they’re convenient and so easy to eat (all you need is a bit of salt, freshly ground black pepper and perhaps a dash of vinegar), they’re perfect for maintaining ketosis.

A last word on keto-friendly snacks

There’s no doubt that changing old lifestyle habits and shifting to a whole new way of eating can be challenging and the keto diet is not for everyone.  As you can see though, there are plenty of delicious options that make life easy for keto followers who are short on time but who want snacks that deliver taste and convenience, and which tick the nutritional requirements.

It’s time to fill the fridge and stock the shelves with fuel sources that will help you kick your keto goals.  Use the above list of keto-friendly snacks to help you make the right choices (you can also find out more about beef jerky and keto here) and remember, if you’re looking for the best beef biltong and beef jerky in Australia, look no further than DJays Gourmet.  Order online today.

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