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Joseph Ryland
Joseph Ryland
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Traditional Droewors (Thick & Thin) – Not quite sure about an air dried sausage? Well trust us. Once you taste how good it is, there is no going back. From the purists of South Africans to the great aussie outback, this treat has a flavour and texture combo to really satisfy. Slightly spiced and left to mature, Droewors (or dry sausage) really delivers a not so dry sausage.

Chilli Droewors – Bring on the heat. Surrender your taste buds to our new and improved chilli droewors. Packing the perfect amount of heat to go along with the tender beef and spices. Chew it, suck it, want it, have it. It’s yours to enjoy!

Beef (97%), Salt, Spices, Flavour (621), Preservative (202).
Average quantitiesPer 100 g
Energy1464 kj
Protein56 g
Fat Total18 g
Fat Saturated9.2 g
Carbohydrates Total4 g
Sugars1.9 g
Sodium1850 mg

There’s nothing quite like the taste and texture of droewors.  This traditional South African air-dried not-so-dry sausage is the perfect snack for every occasion.

From campfires in the great outdoors, picnics and parties on the beach, to family gatherings, sports fields and the poshest of celebrations, droewors is quite at home anywhere and everywhere.

Is it the snappy crack as you break off a piece?  Is it the slightly chewy softness of the interior?  Is it the alluring blend of spices and coriander seeds?  Is it the not-so-dryness of this dry sausage that tickles every taste bud it touches?

If you’ve ever tried droe wors (pronounced ‘droor vorse’), you’ll know.  And if you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the time.  Trust us.  One taste and you’ll be hooked.

We’ve got the Dutch settlers who came to South Africa back in the 17th century to thank for this delectable treat.  They brought their droe worst (also known as metworst) to South African shores and taught us how to preserve meat through drying.  The rest as they say, is history.

How we make our famous droewors

We use the finest, freshest ingredients to make our famous droewors.

We start with a mix of premium grade coarsely minced meat and fat which we season with our time-honoured blend of salt and spices including pepper, cloves, nutmeg, allspice and of course, coriander seeds.  This aromatic mixture is then put into a natural casing to create a sausage and hung out to air-dry.

The natural maturing process delivers a not-so-dry dry sausage which packs a tasty balance of flavour and texture which has earned it legions of fans around the world.

Spice it up

If you like a bit of heat with your meat, our new and improved chilli droewors will up the tempo on your tastebuds.  We add the perfect amount of chilli flakes to our traditional spice blend to give this tender beef snack an extra kick.

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