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world last
world last
Out of all jerky beef, D.Jay's Gourmet the best. It's taste so good. I tried many jerky beef but I can't beat this jerky beef. I will buy more! Just mango Flavor jerky beef, it is taste too sweet and it make me don't want to eat more of that but the rest, it's all good.
Dennis W
Dennis W
Awesome purchase, good as always!

Moist Biltong


From the great bushlands (veld) of South Africa, this traditionally spiced biltong reveals more with every bite. What is that delicious spice mix and why is it so good on this perfectly, slow air dried steak of 100% premium grade beef? This one will take you back to the homeland!

Beef, Salt, Vinegar, Spices. No Preservatives or MSG added
Average quantitiesPer 100 g
Energy1010 kj
Protein48.5 g
Fat Total3.5 g
Fat Saturated1.8 g
Carbohydrates Total3 g
Sugars3 g
Sodium845 mg

Based on Lean Biltong

A biltong purist might say that moist biltong is the finest form of this meaty snack, but we say whichever type of biltong you prefer, that’s the best!

But if you’re fan of the moist stuff, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how we get ours perfect.

After marinating the pieces of 100% premium grade Aussie beef in our signature spice blend, we slowly air dry it so that the meat starts drying from the outside in.  Our professional butchers then cut the meat at exactly the right time so that it’s slightly firm and flavourful on the outside whilst the inside texture remains soft and moist.

There’s an art to drying moist biltong in order to get the balance just right.  Enough dryness so that it’s not steak tartare and enough moistness so that the texture is buttery soft and juicy with that tasty chewiness that we all love.  The team at D.Jays are artists and we’ve honed our skills over decades to bring you the best biltong in Australia!

Order online today and pick your perfect moist biltong package.

Order our moist biltong online and choose lean or fatty, sliced or in sticks.  Sliced biltong is convenient and easy to eat, but some people prefer to slice it themselves or munch on a whole hunk.  The choice is yours.

You can also choose your preferred pack size.  We deliver our biltong and beef jerky in 100g, 250g, 500g or one kilo packs.

Moist biltong, made the traditional way with salt and spices, is totally addictive.  There’s no heat or sweetness, just savoury succulence and we guarantee you’ll find it impossible to stop yourself from eating it!

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