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world last
world last
Out of all jerky beef, D.Jay's Gourmet the best. It's taste so good. I tried many jerky beef but I can't beat this jerky beef. I will buy more! Just mango Flavor jerky beef, it is taste too sweet and it make me don't want to eat more of that but the rest, it's all good.
Dennis W
Dennis W
Awesome purchase, good as always!

Medium Dry Biltong


Traditional Medium Dry Biltong – When the creator of heaven and earth created biltong, this is how it was intended to be. Pure, perfect, unadulterated, mouth watering biltong made from the highest quality beef.

Mild Pepper Medium Dry Biltong – So you want your biltong with a flavour just that little bit more special? A mild pepper flavour coupled with some more secret spices gives and already exceptional biltong that little bit extra.

Chilli Medium Dry Biltong – Biltong with a Chilli Kick. The delicious and exciting combination of premium beef and chilli have been complimenting each other for centuries.

Beef (90%), Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Spices, Preservative (250, 202). No Added MSG.
Average quantitiesPer 100 g
Energy1140 kj
Protein56.4 g
Fat Total2.8 g
Fat Saturated1.4 g
Carbohydrates Total4 g
Sugars1.1 g
Sodium1500 mg
           Traditional Flavour

Biltong has been a South African staple since time immemorial and at Djays, we don’t mess with tradition.  We make biltong the way it’s meant to be made.  No short-cuts, no weird seasonings, just the yummiest meaty treat lovingly made the old-fashioned way.  Oh, and did we mention that we’ve got highly experienced professional butchers in our D.Jays family, so there’s plenty of skill and knowledge behind all of our delicious biltong and beef jerky products.

But let’s get back to the biltong.  How do you like it?

If you like it medium-dry, you’ve landed on the right page of our website.  This is where you’ll find Australia’s best medium-dry biltong, made from succulent 100% premium Aussie beef, spiced to perfection, then gently air dried to mouth-watering tenderness and cut to suit your preference.

If that sounded like a mouthful, wait ‘til you get your tongue around our medium-dry biltong!

There’s an art to getting biltong exactly right, every single time and we know how frustrating it is when expectations aren’t met.  That’s why our master driers work round-the-clock to make sure our medium-dry biltong is always …well, medium-dry.  Not too dry.  Not overly moist.  Just right. Every time.

Try our medium-dry biltong in three flavours:

  • Traditional
  • Mild Pepper
  • Chilli

Place an online order today and your favourite South African biltong will soon be at your door, wherever you are in Australia.

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