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D.Jays Gourmet is a family owned business based in Perth W.A. Our team of jerky, biltong and droewors specialists, meticulously prepare our products on a daily basis from the highest-grade meat available. We use our secret recipes and the freshest ingredients to create a truly special experience. For more info, please visit the About Us page.

All our beef is 100% premium grade Australian beef. We skillfully select only the best cuts to ensure you get the best products.

All D.Jays products are made on site in our HACCP approved factory in Perth. Everything is lovingly handmade by our jerky and biltong specialists from professional butchers to highly trained packing experts. We take meticulous care to choose only the best cuts of meat and have impeccable standards of preparation and hygiene.

Yes. D.Jays products are a natural and healthy snack suitable for children that are able to chew. Our product may be particularly useful for teething babies (though perhaps not the Chilli flavor!). Be careful with young children who may be losing their baby teeth as the Jerky can be quite chewy. Common sense should help answer this question.

When properly stored our products will keep for a good amount of time. It just depends on how you treat and store it. Always keep product out of direct sunlight for best storage. If storing your product in the freezer, please remove as much air from the bag as possible to prevent any water crystals forming on the product.

Beef Jerky: Jerky does not require special storage other than to keep in a container that will allow some airflow. The jerky will continue to dry out over time so we suggest it is stored in an air tight bag in the freezer for storage of more than two weeks from opening.

Moist & Medium Biltong  can be kept for one to two days in the fridge after opening, and then should be stored in the freezer to keep fresh. Store in an airtight zip lock bag in the freezer for up to 4 weeks.

Snap Sticks & Dry Biltong Can be kept in an ambient environment in a container that allows some airflow. For storage of more than two weeks, products should be placed in an airtight bag and stored in the freezer to avoid flavour deterioration.

Droewors: Droewors can be stored for up to one week in the fridge, however this will continue to dry the droewors out. Ideally store in the freezer in an airtight bag and defrost in the fridge overnight.

YES!! D.Jays uses StarTrack and Australia Post as our preferred shipping methods.

If you are within the Perth Metro area, our courier will deliver your products.

You have asked the million dollar question. We have done our best to answer that below.

Whilst the history of these two products goes back hundreds of years (some believe starting with Aztecs), dried meat was a way of preserving meat the hunters had collected, to ensure they had food in the months to come, as they had no refrigeration.

Biltong was believed to have originated in South Africa using local spices and salt to preserve the meat. 

Biltong products are much more about the flavour and texture of the meat, subtly enhanced using our secret spice rub. Generally dried anywhere from 1-10 days depending on how dry you like it and the thickness of the cut of meat.

Jerky on the other hand has a different flavour and texture. The origin of the word Jerky is derived from the native American word “Charqui” which literally means ‘to burn meat’, but don’t worry, we don’t burn anything! Our beef Jerky Beef is cut into thinner steaks and dried for only 1-2 days. Jerky is about adding a great deal of delicious flavours and marinades, leaving you wanting more. D.Jays offers Jerky in Traditional, Chilli, Smokey and Extra Hot Chilli flavours.

We are passionate about what we do at D.Jays and we’ve been doing it for almost 30 years. We always strive to offer you great service and products at the best price we can. Just give us a go, we know you won’t be disappointed.

D.Jays is always looking for new distribution. If you think our products are suitable for your business please contact us to arrange an order. All we ask is you fill out a simple credit application and you are on the way. We can even offer small amounts of consignment stock to help you get started.

D.Jays has many partners across Australia that either help us distribute or on sell our goods to their workplace or wider community. If you have an idea please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the different options available.

D.Jays is always on the lookout for like minded and passionate people. Whether you are a butcher or a sales rep, if you feel you have something to offer us please get in touch to arrange a meeting.

We are always interested in serving our community, please feel free to contact us in regards a sponsorship you are after.

We have had our biltong and jerky tested for gluten and the results showed no detectable gluten within the thresholds of the test performed (these thresholds are less than 5mg per kg).  While we believe the biltong and jerky products do not contain gluten we cannot be certified as gluten free, because products such as the burgers produced in our factory do contain gluten. Burgers and boerewors are produced in separate areas from the jerky and biltong and every effort is made to ensure there is no cross contamination.

We are happy to arrange shipment overseas at the cost of the customer. However, we cannot guarantee that our products will be labelled correctly to pass through your countries customs. We recommend checking with your local authorities as to their requirements to give you the best chance of receiving your products. D.Jays will take no liability if the products do not reach you.

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