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Audrey Melbs
Audrey Melbs
Love your Biltong! Both my partner, myself and my dog loves it! He's obsessed with the biltong.
Simon Zola
Simon Zola
5 kilos inhaled and back for more

Beef Jerky


Traditional Jerky – Traditional and Exceptional. It’s not only our motto it’s how we describe traditional jerky.

Chilli Jerky – This one won’t leave your mouth on fire, but it will tickle your taste buds, with the perfect amount of chilli, balanced with just the right amount of sweet.

Extra Hot Jerky – If the chilli just ain’t enough for you, and you like your mouth to feel the heat, then bring it on with the Extra Hot Chilli Jerky.

Smokey Jerky – Juicy Smokey Jerky. Just the right amount of smoke and sweet to really make your mouth water.

Mango Chilli Jerky – A mix of sweet and chilli, this flavour combination has gone crazy since we started making it. Give it a go and you won’t regret it.

Beef, Salt, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Spices. No Preservatives or MSG added
Average quantities Per 100g
Energy 1320kj
Protein 67g
Fat Total 6g
Fat Saturated 2g
Carbohydrates Total 2g
Sugars 2g
Sodium 1200mg
Iron 8.8mg

Welcome to the home of the best beef jerky in Perth.  And according to our customer testimonials, our beef jerky is the best in the whole of Australia!

Some like it hot.  Some like it smokey.  Some like it with a chilli hit.  But no matter what flavour your tastebuds demand, everyone just loves the chewy deliciousness of every strip of our special jerky made from 100% premium Aussie beef.

And with our quick and easy online ordering, there’s not long between clicking and collecting your package of premium beef jerky package from your door.  Wherever you are in Australia.

Beef jerky packs a healthy, protein-packed punch and best of all, you can enjoy this mess-free, convenient and totally more-ish meaty snack anywhere, anytime.  On a road trip.  At the beach.  At your desk.  Around the pool.  In the school playground.  At the gym.  As a brekkie snack.  With sundowners.  It’s the perfect snack for everyone, everywhere.

Jerky has a much lower fat and moisture content than biltong which means it has a longer shelf-life.  It doesn’t even need refrigeration and if preserved correctly, can last for months – although we know you won’t be able to resist it for that long!

Choose from the following beef jerky flavours:

  • Chilli to tickle your taste buds
  • Extra Hot to sizzle your senses
  • Smoky to bring a little sweet smokiness
  • Sriracha to start a fire dance in your mouth

Another big plus when you order your beef jerky online from Djays is that we customise your order according to your preferences.

Simply select what size pack you want (our kilo pack is our most popular option), choose your flavour and decide whether you want your jerky in longer strips or cut into bite-size morsels.  A few clicks, press play and we’ll have your personalised package sorted in a flash.

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