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D.Jays produces the best beef jerky in Perth and throughout Australia.  And while that may sound like we’re blowing our own trumpet, we’re actually just repeating what our customers say.

Why not try our premium 100% Australian jerky for yourself? It’s so easy to order online through our convenient website plus you get super-fast delivery anywhere in Australia.  Our beef jerky is packed with protein and loaded with flavour, making it the perfect meaty snack anywhere, anytime.

Talking of flavour, we make our beef jerky in a variety of options to suit all tastes.

We’ve got traditional, chilli, extra hot and smokey jerky plus our extra special marbled jerky.  Because of the extra fat content in the meat, this premium snack tastes like a fine buttered steak and we promise, it tastes like more.  Yum!

And if you’ve never tried jerky before, our jerky samplers are the ideal way to explore this deliciously chewy treat.  All you have to do is choose three varieties of our tempting flavours of beef jerky, order online and your jerky sampler pack will be with you shortly.  We think you’ll be hooked after just one crunchy munchy bite!

The low-down on Biltong vs Jerky

Want to know the difference between jerky and biltong? It may seem like they’re almost the same, but when you try them side by side, you can see, feel and taste the difference.

They’re both air dried meats, but the difference comes from the way they’re prepared and produced.

Biltong is basically a whole steak that has been marinated in vinegar and a blend of spices and then let to air dry low and slow.  This keeps its centre moist and tender.  The natural drying process allows for a greater variety of textures.

On the other hand, jerky is made from much thinner strips of meat, soaked in various marinades for flavour and air dried nice and quick to lock in the flavours.  It’s a much faster production process and the result is a slightly dryer, chewier texture.

Jerky originated in The America’s while biltong has its roots in South Africa, and both these meaty snacks have become firm favourites, enjoyed by millions of people right around the world.

Time to choose your jerky favourite

Jerky is the ideal fuss-free snack which delivers on all fronts.  Whether you’re firing up or winding down, whether you’re a kid or an adult, whether you’re entertaining at home or adventuring in the great outdoors, our 100% Aussie beef jerky is the real deal.

Healthy, easy, convenient, satisfyingly chewy and with a range of flavours to suit all tastebuds, D.Jays beef jerky is the perfect protein snack for all ages.  Order yours online from D.Jays Gourmet now and you can thank us later!

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