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Quick delivery of a quality product. Absolutely love D.Jay's Gourmet jerky and biltong. I've been a regular customer for over 15 years.
Joseph Ryland
Joseph Ryland
Quality meat at affordable prices.


Fire up the grill!! It’s time to take your burgers to the next level.

D.Jays are spice specialists and when you’re ready to try a burger that delivers on flavour, give it a go and you’ll never look back. Imagine the perfect amount of beef and spice to ignite the taste buds of any burger connoisseur.

$19.00 per kilogram

Beef, Salt, Vinegar, Spices, Flavour (621), Preservative (202).
Average quantitiesPer 100g
Fat Total18.3g
Fat Saturated9.2g
Carbohydrates Total4g

Burger connoisseurs know that a burger is not just a burger!

A proper burger has the perfect ratio of meat to spices (which is not easy to achieve) and when expertly cooked, will hold its shape and be succulent, moist and oh-so tasty.

Our burgers taste great cooked to any level of doneness.   Whether you’re doing burgers on a BBQ, under the grill or pan-fried, whether you like them cooked all the way through or pink in the middle, they’ll pass the taste test with flying colours.

Some of our connoisseur customers even tell us that they don’t even need all the trimmings with our Djays burgers because they are that good.  Their exquisite flavour makes our burgers an excellent choice for any gathering, from fancy feats to family weeknight dinners.

Why not try them for yourself?  You’ll taste the difference in every juicy and delicious bite and your perception of what a burger should be will change forever.

How to buy Djays burgers

Unlike all our biltong and jerky products which can be delivered countrywide, our fresh burgers and boerewors are available for pick-up only.

Our professional butchers make them fresh at our purpose-built factory in Perth, WA and a quick phone call to our friendly team is all that it takes to secure yours.  Simply call 08 9248 8277 and we’ll package up your order immediately.

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