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Warren Bywaters
Warren Bywaters
Always the best jerky around, been a fan for years 👍
dale corser
dale corser
Awesome jerky and value for money. Easy quick delivery straight to the door, what more could you ask for! I ordered the extra hot and it is the bomb! Not too hot just right!

Snap Sticks


Traditional Snap Sticks – Ever wanted a piece of meat you could really crunch into. Try our delicately air dried snap sticks for the perfect addition to your snack cycle. A hint of spice with a kick of salt perfectly complements fine strips of crunchy beef.

Chilli Snap Sticks – Looking for some crunch with a bit of a punch. Thinly sliced strips of premium beef marinated to perfection with just the right amount of chilli spice and flakes for the perfect hit of heat.

Traditional Flavour: Beef (90%), Vinegar, Spices.Chilli Flavour: Beef (90%), Vinegar, Spices, Chilli (1%).
Average quantitiesPer 100 g
Energy1533 kj
Protein72.1 g
Fat Total6.8 g
Fat Saturated3.1 g
Carbohydrates Total3.2 g
Sugars2 g
Sodium1900 mg
              Traditional Flavour

We make our biltong snapsticks from thin strips of premium grade Aussie beef, flavoured with our signature spice mix and a kick of salt and then air-dried over several days to give that crunchy munch that everyone loves.

Like a bit of heat with your meat?

If you’re after some crunch with a bit of a punch, you really should try our chilli snapsticks.

These thinly sliced strips of premium grade beef are marinated to perfection with just the right amount of salt, spices and chilli flakes to give you a decent hit of heat.

Why everyone loves snapsticks

Snapsticks are the ideal on-the-go snack that’s ideal for every picnic, every car journey, every sporting occasion, every beach outing, every social gathering – in fact, everything!

They’re high in protein, low in fact and conveniently made in thin strips to intensify the flavour and max the crunch.  Unlike whole biltong sticks, snapsticks are made from thin pieces of meat which results in a bold flavour and a crispy, crunchy texture.

They’re easy to hold (and even easier to eat) and it’s no wonder they’ve been a firm favourite with South Africans and biltong lovers around the world for generations.

Snapsticks are also known as ‘stokkies’ (pronounced ‘stow-keys’) in South Africa.  ‘Stokkie’ is an Afrikaans word for ‘stick’, and there’s probably not a South African around the world whose tastebuds don’t start tingling at the thought of these munchable treats.  The word ‘stokkie’ has become synonymous with these much-loved snappy snacks and if your order yours online today, you’ll enjoy superfast delivery around Australia.

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