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Burgers & Boerewors

Burgers & Boerewors

Djays Gourmet is famous for Australia’s best and most delicious beef jerky and biltong, but our Perth fans also know us for our amazing fresh burgers and boerewors.  So fire up the BBQ or heat the grill and let’s get cooking!

We prepare our juicy and delicious beef burgers using the same 100% premium Aussie beef we use for all our jerky and biltong products.

These fresh meat products are PICK-UP only, so if you don’t live in Perth, perhaps you need to book a trip to the wonderful west so that you too can join our burger and boerewors fan club!

How our burgers are made

We know meat and we know spices, so when craftsmanship and flavour combine together in a burger patty, it’s a taste sensation like no other.

We only use the finest, freshest ingredients in our burger patties and we season and spice them to perfection.  They’re generously proportioned, because like you, we know that when it comes to burgers and maintaining their juicy succulence when they’re cooked, size counts!

How our boerewors is made

The D.Jays master meat craftsmen make traditional South African boerewors the old-fashioned way.  We combine freshly minced meat with just the right amount of fat, add our signature blend of traditional spices before shaping it into a classic coil.

If the unmistakeable sight of a coil of boerewors on a BBQ grill doesn’t put your tastebuds into a tailspin, the mouth-watering aroma will.  This sausage is found wherever family and friends gather and is just at home sizzling away on an open fire in the African bushveld as it is on a gas barbie on an Aussie beach.

It’s the ideal meat to serve at a family meal, to share with mates while you watch the footy or to get a nostalgic reminder of your African heritage.  Anywhere, anytime – D.Jays boerewors is a taste for generations.

Get your hands on our fresh burgers and boerewors

To order your fresh burgers & boerewors, please give our friendly and helpful team a call on 08 9248 8277.  Pick up only from our Perth store.

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