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Allison Ervin
Allison Ervin
D. Jays supplies great beef jerky. The flavours are tasty and it’s great value for money. You won’t be disappointed.
Phuong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen


Ok people, this is no joke. Turn up the heat on your braii (BBQ) because this boerewors is lekker (great).

When the first farmers of South Africa created this wonderful curled up sausage this is how they intended it to be. The perfect meal for a family or friends, this Boorie is the real deal. Available in Traditional and Spicy.

$21 per kilogram (generally a single roll is 1kg)

Beef, Salt, Vinegar, Spices, Flavour (621), Preservative (202)
Average quantities Per 100g
Energy 1464 kj
Protein 56 g
Fat Total 18 g
Fat Saturated 9.2 g
Carbohydrates Total 4 g
Sugars 1.9 g
Sodium 1850 mg
Iron 4.4 mg

What is it about boerewors that is just so more-ish?

One taste of this traditional spiced South African coiled sausage and you’ll be hooked (if you aren’t already!)

The good news is that we make this deliciously succulent sausage fresh in our Perth factory for pick-up orders only.

Simply call our friendly team on 08 9248 8277, place your order and we’ll have the best boerewors in Perth ready and waiting for pick-up from our Malaga store.  Easy as.

What makes Djays boerewors so special?

We take pride in making our boerewors the traditional time-honoured way, using the finest, freshest minced meat together with our signature seasoning.  And because we’ve been making it the same way for decades, our customers know and trust that they’re getting the same high quality, utterly delicious and unmistakeable taste of South Africa every time they buy boerewors from us.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer of boerewors from Djays or one of our regular customers, we know it will be a taste that will bring you back for more.

Take the flavour further

We have two flavours available – traditional and spicy.

The traditional boerewors tastes like the boerewors you know and love.  Flavoured with traditional spices and aromats including coriander seeds, black pepper, allspice and nutmeg, our traditional boerewors is the real deal.

But if you like a little heat with your boerewors, why not try our spicy variety?  We dial up the chilli just enough to fire up your tastebuds but not overpower them.

Both flavours cost $21 per kilogram, with a single coil generally weighing around 1kg.

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