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Is Beef Jerky Keto?


Who doesn’t love a snack?  But if you’re watching your waistline or on a diet, finding a ‘permissible’ snack can be a bit problematic because so many tasty treats are out of bounds. 

And if you’re a follower of the increasingly popular ‘keto’ way of life, you need to find snacks that are really low in carbs and which have a high fat and moderate protein content.  This nutritional profile has led to a surge in popularity of beef jerky as a ‘keto’ snack, but does this meaty treat really pass muster in terms of the diet’s parameters?

Before we discuss whether beef jerky is keto-friendly, let’s first take a look at what the keto diet is all about.

The do’s and don’ts of the Keto diet

The ‘keto’ diet has become a nutritional buzzword in recent years. 

A true ketogenic diet is not the same as other well-known weight-loss diets like Paleo and Atkins which focus on low-carb, high-protein eating plans.  Usually, the body converts the glucose in carbohydrates into energy and releases insulin into the bloodstream for energy, whereas in keto diets, the body is forced to use an alternative source of fuel because the carbohydrate intake is so severely restricted.

The aim is for the body to enter ‘ketosis’ – a metabolic state in which stored fat is burnt up and ketones released into the bloodstream as the body’s energy source. 

It’s always best to discuss your diet with your doctor or qualified nutritionist before making any radical changes, but if you are a proponent of a low-carb or a keto-orientated lifestyle, you’ll be interested in your snacking options. 

Can you eat jerky on a keto diet?

It’s a good question. 

For a snack to be truly keto-friendly, it needs to be rich in fat, low-carb and contain a moderate amount of protein.  Eggs, nuts, cheese, avo, oily fish like sardines, trail mix, nut butters, seed crackers are some examples of low-carb foods that make great guilt-free snack options on a keto diet.

With regards to beef jerky, it’s important to understand is that not all beef jerky is made the same.  While it is known as a great low-carb, high protein snack, the detailed nutritional profile of jerky will depend on the manufacturer’s recipe and the amount of sugar in their marinade. 

If you choose to munch on the crunchy goodness of our famous DJays Gourmet beef jerky, you can rest assured that we only use the finest natural ingredients in our marinades with minimal added sugar! 

The tasty goodness of this low-carb, high-protein snack make it a hugely popular choice among those following a keto-orientated diet.  It’s tasty, convenient, mess-free, can be eaten on the run and while it doesn’t generally have a high fat content, you can up those stakes by pairing it with some cheese, nuts or avocado hummus.

Does jerky come in a high-fat option?

Jerky is traditionally made from relatively lean cuts of beef like topside, but if you’re looking to elevate your keto-snacking to the next level, we’ve got the perfect solution. 

You’ve heard about the holy grail of steaks revered by connoisseurs – the melt-in-your-mouth creamy goodness of marbled meat, right?  Well, our DJays Gourmet beef jerky is ‘THAT’ steak in snack form. Because of the extra fat content in the meat and our gentle touch during the drying process, this premium snack ends up tasting like a fine buttered steak and we promise, our marbled beef jerky tastes like more!

A last word on whether beef jerky is keto

There’s no doubt that beef jerky is a delicious low-carb, protein-rich snack.  Millions of keto-followers around the world regularly munch on its crunchy, tasty goodness and if you want to try the best beef jerky in Australia, order yours online now.  And while it’s a great keto-friendly snack – you definitely don’t need to be on any special eating plan to enjoy its tasty, healthy goodness.  It’s the perfect snack for anyone, anywhere, anytime! DJays Gourmet’s beef jerky is known as the best in the business and we deliver door-to-door throughout Australia.  Choose from a variety of flavours including traditional, chilli, extra hot and smoky and add in our creamy marbled beef jerky if you want an extra tasty treat!  Order your beef jerky online today.

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