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Doomsday Planning And Why Jerky And Biltong Should Be On Your List Of Supplies


Do you believe humanity’s day of reckoning will come?  Is Doomsday a factor in the way you live your life? 

Whether your views have been informed by your religious beliefs, climate change, the behaviours of the world’s population or anything else, if you believe that a monumental calamity is going to happen one day, then you’ve probably already considered your survival strategy.

What foods will you pack for Doomsday?

Non-perishable food is obviously your number one priority.  You want things that have a long shelf life, that won’t spoil, which don’t need refrigeration or heating up, which are easy to eat and which are also readily transportable.

OK, so you’ve got dehydrated meals and tins of food (don’t forget to pack a manual can opener), but have you thought about snacks?  Here’s why biltong and jerky should be on your list of supplies.

The good news about jerky and biltong

There’s a reason why jerky and biltong can be traced back centuries.  Lots of reasons in fact.

Way back in the ‘olden days’ when nomadic tribes lived off the land and pioneers ventured far into the great unknown to reach new frontiers, they discovered that dried meat lasted for months without spoiling.  The meat was not only rich in protein and very nutritious, it was also robust and portable and they could make it in large quantities.

Biltong has its origins in South Africa while jerky can be traced back to native tribes in Central America and despite the fact that they date back over 400 years, their traditional methods and recipes are largely unchanged today.

Biltong and jerky don’t rot because of their curing and preservation process.  The meat is first cured using a mixture of vinegar, salt and spices which add flavour as well as inhibit bacterial growth and is then dried.  Biltong is air-dried whilst jerky is dried using a heat source.

Why biltong and jerky make great Doomsday supplies

In an emergency, you need food that is easily accessible, nutritious and durable.  Jerky and biltong tick all of those boxes and some.

Here’s why these dried meat snacks would make a great addition to any emergency supply pack:

  • High protein content makes jerky and biltong very nutritious
  • Contain other essential minerals and vitamins such as iron and vitamin D
  • Don’t require refrigeration or special packaging
  • Last for months without spoiling
  • Easy to eat (no utensils required)
  • Lightweight and easily transportable
  • Convenient and mess-free

This article on why beef jerky is so good for you gives you more info on the nutritional benefits of these healthy meaty treats.

Doomsday never tasted so good

Let’s not forget why biltong and jerky are so popular.  Yes, they’re a great convenience snack and are right up there in terms of nutrition, durability and portability, but it’s their moreish savoury tastiness that have made them firm favourites the world over. 

So if you’re looking to beef up your emergency pack ahead of Doomsday, make sure you add some delicious jerky and biltong. DJays Gourmet is home to Australia’s best beef biltong and jerky and we deliver countrywide, so order online and we promise it won’t be long before your meaty treats are at your front door.  You can then pop them in your prep pack for the day of reckoning – if you can resist munching on them that is!

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