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Why Is Beef Jerky So Good For You?


If you’re having trouble finding a snack that tastes fantastic and which is actually good for you (after all, there are only so many dried chickpeas you can eat), you need to discover beef jerky.

This easy, on-the-go snack not only comes with a mountain of health benefits, it is utterly delectable too. But as is the case with all nutrition and lifestyle choices, the key thing is moderation.  Beef jerky is considered to be a processed meat, so it is definitely not an everyday food – unless of course you have cast iron willpower and can restrict your intake to just a single strip!  That said, in terms of being a healthy snack choice, beef jerky is a winner.

Why is beef jerky considered to be a healthy snack?

Many snack options are made for convenience (packet of crisps or muesli bar anyone?), but they’re often carb-heavy and not the best option in terms of nutritional value.  Beef jerky ticks all the boxes in terms of convenience and easy eating (it has a long shelf-life, it’s easily transportable, it doesn’t crumble or flake etc), plus it gets the tick of approval from a health perspective too.

It is traditionally made from lean cuts of beef such as topside which have a minimal fat content, so it is low in carbs and calories, low in fat and high in protein.  It also contains a heap of other beneficial nutrients such as iron, zinc, folate, calcium and vitamins A and C. 

But it is important to understand that while the basics of making beef jerky are the same – thin strips of lean meat are marinated and cured before being dehydrated using an artificial heat source – the nutritional profile of the end product will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.   That’s because there are a number of variables involved in the process and it all depends on the type of meat used, the marinade mix and how the jerky is prepared.

Some beef jerky can have a high sodium content as a result of the amount of salt used in the curing process, while some manufacturers add quantities of nitrites, soy protein and artificial ingredients.  Some even use minced beef to make their jerky.  Horror! 

And while these variations may lead to some manufacturers improving their production efficiencies, it does diminish the nutritional value of the end product and detracts from beef jerky’s ‘healthy snack’ status.  That’s why it’s really important to be a label warrior when choosing your beef jerky and only buy from reputable manufacturers. 

Is beef jerky gluten free?

Many people are choosing to eliminate – or at least restrict – gluten from their diets as a health choice.  If this is you, you’ll be happy to learn that some brands of beef jerky are gluten-free.  It all depends on the marinade.  For example, if a marinade contains soy sauce, the beef jerky won’t be considered gluten free. 

When you buy your beef jerky from DJays Gourmet, you will have the peace-of-mind that ours has been tested and the results showed no detectable gluten within the thresholds of the test performed (less than 5mg per kg).  However, should you have any queries, please contact our friendly team who would be more than happy to chat.

Fuel up with beef jerky

Here’s a summary of why beef jerky is good for you (in moderation of course):

Packed with protein.  This essential nutrient is vital for building muscle and repairing tissue, plus it can make you feel fuller for longer.  This is helpful for those wanting to maintain a healthy weight or for those looking to shed some pounds.

Contains iron, zinc and other amino acids.  Iron is a vital mineral for the body’s growth and development as well as for transporting oxygen around the body, while zinc is necessary for a healthy immune system and for many of the body’s normal functions like blood clotting and thyroid function.

Is low in fat and carbohydrates.  The body digests simple carbs quickly which results in a short-lived sense of fullness.  The minimal carb content (check the label for added sugars though) together with the low fat and high protein ratio means you can keep those hunger pangs at bay for a lot longer.

Get your hands on healthy beef jerky

If you want the best beef jerky in Australia (that’s what our customers say!), head straight for our website and order online today.  We will arrange fast, convenient delivery anywhere in Australia, so you can enjoy our healthy meaty treats in no time.  Try our traditional, chilli, extra hot and smoky flavours or if you’re after an extra special treat, tick the box for our premium marbled jerky.  Enjoy!

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