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Long Trip Essentials: Why Biltong Is The Ultimate Travel Snack

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Planning a road trip?  Flying long-haul?  Tackling a multi-day hike?  Pumping through an epic cycle tour?  Cruising the remote wilderness?  Traversing Australia’s vast expanses by train?

Regardless of your mode of transport and your travel plans, your long-distance experience will need some proper fuel.  And we’re not talking petrol, diesel, battery or human power either. We’re talking snacks.  And we’re specifically talking about a tasty treat that ticks every box when it comes to healthy goodness, convenience, portability and longevity.  We’re talking biltong. 

With all these benefits, is this snack sounding too good to be true?  You be the judge.

What is biltong actually?

This traditional Southern African meaty snack has been around for centuries and was borne out of necessity.  Primitive tribes living in remote areas and intrepid pioneers on long journeys needed sustenance over extended periods of time – so they had to find ways to preserve food so that it would last for ages without spoiling.

They discovered that they could preserve meat by curing and drying it – and hey presto, biltong was born!  This delectable snack is made from lean meat, spiced and salted to perfection before being naturally air dried until it’s
perfectly moist and chewy. 

It was perfect for long trips then – and it’s still perfect for long trips now.  Whether you’re in a car, on a boat, on a plane, train, bicycle or on foot – beef biltong made from 100% premium Aussie beef is your ideal travel companion.

What makes biltong the ultimate travel

  • Nutritious

    There’s healthy goodness in every mouthful of biltong. It’s the perfect low-fat, high-protein travel snack (no crazy sugar highs here!), plus it’s rich in iron and packed with other essential nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and Vitamin B.
  • Convenient

    The meat is cured and dried and therefore doesn’t require refrigeration, so it offers the ultimate in convenience for travellers on the go.
  • Mess and fuss-free

    Biltong comes in a couple of different forms (chunks, slices, snap sticks) which are all easy to hold and munch – no utensils required!  Best of all, there are no crumbs or drippy mess, so it’s the ideal snack when your travelling party is confined to a seat on a plane or in a car.
  • Trusted goodness 

    It’s not always easy to stick to a healthy diet when travelling.  When you’re faced with an unappealing meal on
    a plane, restricted options in a remote area or a warming oven packed with greasy junk at a roadhouse – a packet of biltong can be a trusted food friend.  Healthy, lean, nutritious and of course, tasty – biltong can be a saviour when travel gets in the way of your diet and health goals.
  • Deliciousness

     Last but not least – biltong is genuinely one of the tastiest snacks on the planet.  It’s succulent and chewy, slightly salty and a little bit spicy, and its savoury goodness is just so more-ish. 

Tasty goodness for the whole family

Biltong has been a snack for the ages – and is loved by all ages too.  It’s a firm favourite with kids, teens, mums, dads, grannies and grandpas – and once you’ve tried it, you just can’t stop!

In fact, biltong sticks (or ‘stokkies’ as they are known in Afrikaans) are widely used in South Africa as a teething aid
for babies, so if you need to pacify your little one on a long journey or distract a restless toddler, why not hand them a stick of biltong?

Whether you’re a travelling with a young family or exploring new frontiers as a grey nomad, biltong is a long-trip essential.

Plan, pack and go – order your beef biltong online

Long trips usually require a fair amount of planning and packing – but when it comes to ordering biltong for your travel snack, it’s as easy as 1,2,3.

  1.  Visit DJays Gourmet  website for the best biltong in Australia 
  2. Order your beef biltong online 
  3. Wait (not long) for the package to be delivered express to your front door (countrywide)

It’s that simple.  Don’t leave home without your biltong snack pack – and remember, if you need a top-up on your travels, you can always order more to be delivered to one of your destinations on the way!

For nearly 30 years, family-owned and run DJays Gourmet has been supplying Aussie customers with their favourite meat snacks including traditional beef biltong, droewors (dry sausage) and snapsticks.  We also offer a fabulous range of flavourful beef jerky, spice rubs, sauces and other tasty treats and gifts.  Learn more here – and order your biltong online for your journey today.

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