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Great Ideas For Pairing Beef Jerky With Wine And Beer


Beef jerky pairings with wine and beer?  Recommendations for tipples paired with red meat are common – so why not wine and beer pairings with beef jerky?   We know the two go really well together and given that we’ve been in the biltong and beef jerky business for decades, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what wines and beers work best with the different types of beef jerky.  We’ve listed our recommendations below – but there’s no right or wrong.  Whatever works for YOU is best!

What to consider when pairing beef jerky with wine and beer

Jerky is made from lean, trimmed and seasoned strips of meat (we make ours from 100% premium Australian beef) which are first marinaded and then dehydrated using a heat source.  The flavour profile varies depending on the mix of salt, spices and seasonings, but there’s always an underlying deep and satisfying meatiness to this dried protein snack.

The full flavour of beef jerky and its healthy leanness lends itself to wines with lots of ‘personality’ and concentration. 

For the optimum combo and to avoid confusing your palate with competing tastes, it’s best to consider the flavour profile of your beef jerky when pairing it with wine or beer. Here are our recommendations based on our years of experience making Australia’s best beef jerky and sampling the country’s extensive range of globally acclaimed wines and beers.

Best wines to pair with beef jerky

Traditional beef jerky

Shiraz is a good choice to pair with traditional beef jerky as it is full-bodied and bold with hearty fruit flavours, and although it has tannins, they won’t overwhelm the meaty earthiness of beef jerky.   Traditional beef jerky also works really well with medium-bodied, mellow Merlot as it allows the wine’s red fruit flavours to come through nicely. Great white wine pairings with traditional beef jerky include citrusy all-rounders like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and even a dry rose.

Smoked beef jerky

A lighter Pinot Noir with its spice aromas, light body, soft tannins and red fruity flavour is a great choice to complement the salty sweetness of smoked beef jerky.   Spanish Tempranillo also provides a great savoury pairing with the smoky umami flavours of this beef jerky. On the white side, a lighter, new-age chardonnay is a great pairing.

Chilli beef jerky

A full-bodied Cab Sav with its plush fruity and spicy flavours or a rich, juicy Malbec work fabulously with fiery beef jerky.  Your tastebuds will sparkle with the bold flavours of the wine against the warmth of the chilli.  A modern chilled red is another great choice here.  And if you prefer to drink white or lighter wines, fruitier options like Riesling, Pinot Grigio and even an off-dry rose are excellent choices here.

Extra hot beef jerky

A heavier Cab Sav is a great choice to match the fiery fight of extra hot beef jerky.  Another great pairing here is a full-bodied Malbec as its rich and smooth flavour create an intense taste bomb in your mouth.  A sweeter Riesling or crisp Chardonnay are great white wine pairings to cut through the fiery heat.

Mango Chilli Jerky

The sweet heat of mango chilli beef jerky is a taste sensation like no other and a fruit, medium-bodied Pinot Noir will provide the perfect dance partner for the flavour salsa!   A bright, citrusy yet delicate white like Pinot Grigio also works wonders with the sweetness of the mango.

Best beer pairings with beef jerky

We think all beer goes well with beef jerky!  That said, there are some extra special pairings which elevate this meaty treat to the next level.

Traditional beef jerky

This jerky is everyone’s favourite and we think it pairs well with lagers as well as ales and even speciality craft beers.

Smokey beef jerky

The comforting maltiness of a brown ale is a fabulous combo with the smokey sweetness of this beef jerky.

Chilli beef jerky

This goes well with a subtle, light and crisp beer like an English-style IPA or pilsner.  The tropical citrussy flavours of a hazy IPA also pair really nicely with the chilli warmth.

Mango chilli jerky

The sweet tartness of this delicious jerky matches perfectly with a chilled IPA or even a malty bitter-sweet Guinness.

Snack and sip with fabulous beef jerky and wine and beer pairings

Why not order a few different flavours of beef jerky, grab a few mates and have some fun experimenting with wine and beer pairings?   We’ve got the best beef jerky in Australia and it’s so easy to place your order online and have it delivered to your door – countrywide.  Cheers to that!

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