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Best High Protein Snacks


Many people are of the misguided opinion that snacking is bad.  Of course, some snacks are a no-no, but snacking can actually play an important role in maintaining a healthy diet as long as the choices are good ones.  A bag of crisps, a chocolate bar or some sweet biscuits might hit the mark when hunger pangs strike between meals, but your satisfaction will be short-lived as a result of their limited nutritional value.  On the other hand, the good news is that there are heaps of great snack options that deliver on taste as well as convenience – and which get a big tick of approval from a healthy perspective too.

Why the protein content of snacks matters

The main thing to consider is the snack’s protein content. 

Foods with a higher protein content will boost your energy levels whilst keeping your blood sugar levels stable, unlike high-carb snacks which can spike your blood sugar and actually make you feel hungrier.  With a high protein snack, you’ll feel full and satisfied for longer.

Obviously, your recommended protein intake will vary according to your age, lifestyle and your fitness goals but a good rule of thumb is to work around a minimum of 0.8g of protein per kilogram of your body weight.  In this article, we’ll list a variety of the best high-protein snacks which are ready to eat on the go or which can be prepared quickly and easily – so you can get your instant gratification when those hunger pangs strike!

Ideas for the best high-protein snacks

Greek yoghurt with almonds

Greek yoghurt (unsweetened of course) is a great low carb and protein-rich snack.  Throw in some whole almonds and you have a tasty tub of protein power to fuel you onwards and upwards!

Hummus and carrots

This combo of creamy hummus made from chickpeas, tahini, lemon and spices with crunchy carrots is high in plant-based protein and a real winner in the snack department.

Hard-boiled eggs

These are a favourite when you need a quick and convenient pick-me-up.  Keep a couple of these protein powerhouses in your fridge and munch on one or two when you’re feeling peckish or in need of a pick-me-up.  An additional bonus is that they’re unbreakable, so they’re a great choice for people on the go.  A large egg contains around 6g of protein, plus it offers a host of other nutrients like zinc (for immunity), selenium (an antioxidant) and phosphorus (for healthy bones, nails and teeth).

Beef biltong and beef jerky

These lean protein-rich supersnacks have become a regular feature in kids’ lunchboxes, in sports bags and gym bags, on office desks, in pantry shelves, in hiking packs – you name it.  And for good reason.  They’re convenient, fuss-free, mess-free snacks which deliver on all fronts.  They’re tasty, healthy, easy to eat and packed with all the good stuff that makes healthy snacking a reality!  Jerky can have a higher carb content than biltong as a result of the marinating process, but both are excellent solutions for delicious, convenient on-the-go munchables.

Canned tuna

Canned tuna is another great source of protein that’s also packed with healthy Omega-3s.  You can have it straight from the can, spread on low GI bread or on a seeded cracker, plus you can choose from a wide variety of flavour options and combos such as tuna and beans and tuna and rice. 

Cheese and apple

A portion of hard cheese and an apple make a great snacking combo of savoury/sweet and high-protein/high fibre. 

Rice cakes with peanut butter

Two tablespoons of classic peanut butter contain around eight grams of protein and when you spread it on rice cakes, you’ll get a delicious and filling energy boost. 

So many choices!  How to know which protein snack is best for you

If you want expert advice on healthy eating choices for your particular circumstances, it’s best to speak to a nutritionist or your GP.   While we can’t tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat, as makers of the best beef jerky and best beef biltong in Australia, we think we’re qualified to give you an expert opinion about this powerhouse protein snack!

Beef jerky and beef biltong are both lean, protein-rich and low carb snack options – plus they’re convenient, they generally don’t require refrigeration, they’re mess-free, easy to hold and eat (no utensils required) – so what’s not to love?  Plus they’re both utterly delicious too.  Order your beef jerky or beef biltong online from DJays Gourmet today and we’ll have it delivered to your door wherever you are in Australia. 

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